INDEX Media Member of INDEX HoldingĀ® came into existence in 2002 to respond the business needs of INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Organization Est. and to promote the events organized by INDEX through the different media modalities including but not limited to Public Relation Activities, Mass Media Activities, Journalism, Advertisement, Commercials, Publishing and Translation.

At Index Media, we have our own full service in house design, advertising, marketing, film production, website designing, signage production and technical services. We have added additional services as years passed by to help spice up our customers advertising, design, and printed materials. We have built our reputation on fast turnaround, professional quality, honesty and hard work.

Index Media witnessed both expansion and rapid growth, and became abreast of new developments, insofar as economic and industrial progress in the Middle East region generally, and in Dubai particularly. We strive to strengthen our business association and cooperation with clients-which led to forming strong bonds with them. Moreover, Index Media gained Clients confidence because it respected their desire for confidentiality, and because it emphasized the complementarily of advertising and marketing, and integrating them in the course of implementing projects. This contributed to an increase in the rates of sales among its clients, and made it possible for our growing Company to have a vigorous and strong presence in the Local and regional markets.